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Armored Combat

Those practicing in the field of armored combat take up arms and armor in chivalric combat.


Equestrian activities include mounted archery, quintain, jousting, and others upon a horse.

Rapier Combat

Those skilled with a rapier practice of the noble art of Fencing.

Siege Weapons

This distructive art brings early technological warfare onto the battle field.

Target Archery

Those that practice target archery within the SCA seek to better their skill of the Bow in civilian persuit.

Thrown Weapons

Using axe, knife or spear are the tools that practice the ancient art of thrown weapons.

Youth Combat

Be it in armored or rapier, our next generation learn the art of combat.

Steel Combat

Using blunt steel weapons in armored combat, recreating buhurt style combat.


Here you will find training manuals, forms, policies, and procedures.