Rapier Marshal Meeting - Unevent 2020

Author: Master Brian de Moray, KRM

Last Modified: 2020-12-05

Revision: 5172a21



  • 69 active marshals (26% decrease)
  • 13 MITs. (43% decrease)
  • 5 Youth rapier marshals (150% increase). (Thank you Colette, Juan, Marta, Nicolo, and Renard)

Note: This does not include 70 marshals with lapsed memberships.

Specific thanks to the deputy KRMs, Master Geoffrey Clwyd stepping up as Emergency-KRM, and Lord Lord Percival Aldridge for the support.


  • 111 Light Rapier (30% decrease)
  • 312 Rapier (25% decrease)
  • 87 C&T (20% decrease)
  • 13 Rapier (two-handed) (all new)
  • 13 C&T (two-handed) (all new)
  • 0 Spears (all new)


  • 24 reports
  • No reports missing
  • All submitted reports are reviewed
    • Submit a report for any problem/concern relating to rapier combat.
    • If it’s not reported, we can’t look into it.
  • The goal for reporting is to track trends, address concerns, and improve rapier. NOT to punish.


  • A few reports of whiplash, stiff neck, mild-headaches
  • One report of a medical diagnosis of a concussion

Equipment Failures


Discussion Topics

Reopening policy

  • Please read the Marshal Policy for Reopening
  • Highlights:
    • “Masks are required for all in-person attendance. Masks are required to be worn at all times, indoors and outside, and during all physical activities.”
    • Wear disposable gloves for the inspection of each fighter.
    • Punch test kits that are used to check rapier protective clothing will be cleaned with alcohol wipes between inspections. DO NOT use wipes containing bleach or peroxide as they may damage or discolor the fabric of a fighter’s kit.
    • An alcohol wipe or paper towel in a gloved hand should be used to check a blade, thrown weapon, or shield for burrs. If the wipe snags on a burr, the fighter will need to file down the problem area and submit it for reinspection.
    • Disagreements regarding the suitability of a particular mask or other disagreements that may arise from these additional policies may be appealed and addressed following the same processes as are in place for other questions that arise during martial activities. Refusal to wear a mask that meets the criteria stated above is to be considered a “severe” safety hazard per section 3.2 of the Policies of the Kingdom Earl Marshal. Repeated failures to observe other Kingdom reopening policies also are to be considered a “severe” safety hazard.
  • Be mindful of the lack of training and excercise of participants.
  • Be specifically observant and remind people to use concern and care for all participants.

Concussion Training

  • All particpants, both fighters and marshals, should take concussion training.
  • Signs and symptoms could be delayed, and might not even appear until mentally challenged.
  • Current research shows helmets do NOT prevent concussions.
  • Please take this free class from the University of Michigan’s Neuroscience department

Marshal’s Court

  • At the end of every activity (tourney, melee, etc), RMIC must gather all supporting marshals together and discuss the activity.
  • Identify and work through any identified issues.
  • Interact with fighters involved in said issues.
  • Write everything down, include it in the event report.
  • The RMIC must attempt ot resolve all issues that day, and report what actions were taken for any issues.

Upcoming training materials

  • Multiple instructional videos for marshals published on the Society Rapier Marshal’s Youtube Channel, including inspecting “unusual” swords, armor, and using a mask tester.
  • We will be providing additional supplimental videos for the kingdom in the coming weeks.

Tip Cuts

Tip cuts are still optional. Last year, we discussed exploring using tip cuts, but with taking a year off from fighting and all of the other changes, we are delaying the investigation and advocacy until further notice.

Changes in our rules since 2019

See Updates from latest Society Rules - September 2020

Q&A from meeting

To authorize rapier spear, do both marshals have to have rapier spear authorizations?

Currently, to authorize in any form of rapier, three people that already have the authorization are required to run an authorization for a new participant. (Two marshals and one usher).

We will putting forward an update to kingdom policy to the crowns such that two rapier marshals and one usher are required, but only one of the marshals and the usher must already have the authorization. This change will align the policy Rapier and Marshal authorization requirements.

What materials are allowed for spear shafts in rapier?

Spear shafts must be made via rattan shafts following society guidelines.

How will we be training spears?

More detailed guidance will be forthcoming regarding spears. Given the kingdom will not have fought for almost a year, we will be delaying the roll-out of spears once combat has resumed. The office of the KRM will publish authorization guidelines, inspection guide videos, and in-person training focusing on spear at every kingdom university and major event for at least one year once we are able to reopen cross-group fighting in Atlantia.