Rapier Marshal Meeting - Unevent 2022

Author: Magister Percival Aldridge, KRM

Last Modified: 2022-11-29



  • New Kingdom Earl Marshal: Master Gordon Kinloch
  • New Deputy for Rapier: Magister Percival Aldridge
  • Deputies:
    • Master Cailin Blackwood
    • Master Dante di Pietro
    • Mistress Etain of Sutherland
    • Still looking for a new youth rapier deputy


  • 80 active rapier marshals (3% increase)
  • 9 MITs (40% decrease)
  • 3 Youth rapier marshals (40% decrease)
  • Authorized fighters:
    • Heavy Rapier: 433
    • Heavy Rapier 2H: 26
    • Light Rapier: 152
    • C&T: 124
    • C&T 2H: 38
    • Rapier Spear: 30
  • Reminder that we have no “longsword” authorization in rapier


Allen of Wolfhou

  • All warrants are suspended through April 1, 2023
  • All martial authorizations except Target Archery suspended until April 1, 2023

Rules Updates

  • Authorizations at practice no longer require pre-approval, but WILL require a report
  • Spatulated tips are clear for use without additional metal discs - please report if you have problems
  • Clarified that C&T calibration is NOT higher than heavy rapier
  • Rapier spear minimum length is now 4 feet
  • Reminder that spear auths are good for both heavy rapier AND C&T
  • Grievances are no longer REQUIRED to be aired on the field - use your judgement about following up privately


  • 48 reports for 2022: 25 events, 3 practices
  • Equipment failures:
    • 2 tang breaks
    • 1 quillion break
    • 7 tip failures including our first spear
    • 2 blades bent past safe
    • 1 helmet rivet failed
  • ALL marshals should review the reporting requirements in Starting in the 2023 calendar year, I will direct my deputies to reach out to the submitter for anything missing prior to approving reports.
  • Give us more information than required, please. A report that says “7 auths, 1 failed” is ok, but a report that says “7 auths: Jane Doe, HR - Passed; John Doe, C&T - failed due to calibration;” is MUCH better
  • Following event rapier reports are currently missing according to the warrant database:
    • Fall University: 9/17/22
    • Buckston Birthday Bash: 11/12/22 (although I’m pretty sure there was none)
    • Harvest Gathering: 11/19/22
  • Official practices require waiver reporting
  • I WILL start enforcing the suspension period for missed deadlines outlined in starting in calendar year 2023


  • None active at this time
  • Dussack experiment is still waiting on approval or rejection from Society
  • Likely to join two others at Society level, pending sufficient answers to my inquiries:
    • Reduced Armor
    • Non-metal weapons alternatives