Rapier Marshal Meeting - Unevent 2021

Author: Master Brian de Moray, KRM

Last Modified: 2023-12-02

Revision: dcb42fd


  • 77 Rapier marshals (11% increase!)
  • 15 MITs (15% increase!)
  • 5 Youth Rapier Marshals
  • 7.5 events since reopening
  • Single equipment failure: Blade broke at the tang.
  • 356 rapier authorizations (14% increase!)


  • Deputies:
    • Lord Percival Aldridge
    • Master Geoffrey Clwyd
    • Looking for a new youth rapier deputy. Look for an announcement in the next available Acorn, and a selection made shortly after that. Feel free to reach out offline for more information.
  • New Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Training, Master Alric the Mad.
  • New Society Marshal, Sir Rey RiBeaumont (of Ansteorra)
  • New Society Rapier Marshal, Master Robert Michael McPharland (Originally of Ansteorra, now of Trimaris). Frequently referred to as “Robert Redboots”.
  • My term as KRM ends in May, anticipate a request for applications for next KRM this coming spring. Happy to talk with anyone about what the position entails.

COVID guidance

  • Proof of vaccination OR negative COVID test within 72 hours must be presented.
  • Masks are not required when fully vaccinated individuals are fighting outdoors.
  • Masks are required while fighting indoors and by those that are not fully vaccinated.
  • See Reopening Atlantia, as published by our Kingdom Seneschal for more details and implementation guidelines.

Extreme Heat Guidance

Upcoming rule changes - Unifying Marshal requirements

What is changing

  • A rapier marshal may oversee any adult rapier combat regardless of their own authorizations. (Previously, marshals could only oversee rapier combat in which they had an active authorization, with specific individual exceptions.)
  • When performing a rapier authorization, the usher and one of the two marshals running the authorization must be authorized in the form used. (Previously, the usher and both marshals running the authorization must be authorized in the form used.)

    Why this is changing

  • Helps foster growth of less-common authorizations
  • Reduces the burdon for less populated areas looking to grow their program
  • This aligns rapier marshal standards with decades of armored marshal standards



  • All armor must be tested at least once every two years. Drop tester is the only allowed method to test puncture resistent armor.

Actively Marshalling

  • Marshals should be actively watching and moving throughout the fight.
  • Marshals should be able to describe blow location, edge alignment, and relative timing of blows when asked by the fighters.
  • Marshals should be able and willing to step in if they observe repeated problems.

Unauthorized participation in combat

  • Society states: No person shall participate in Official Combat-Related Activities (including armored combat, period fencing, and combat archery) outside of formal training sessions unless they have been properly authorized under Society and Kingdom procedures.”

Using Rapier Equipment for non-marshal activities (such as “A&S”)

  • A&S demonstration/presentation or as part of a historical combat class
  • No free-assault, sparring, or any form of competitive use.

Potential Experiments

  • Dussack Experiment, proposed by Lady Talya (first of her name) and Baron Linhart.
  • Compressed Gas propelled Rubber Balls as Missile Weapons, by Master Geoffrey Gamble.


  • Looking to perform first round of authorizations at our next kingdom-level in-person event with rapier combat. (Likely Ymir.)

Patterns of behavior looking for in authorization

  • demonstrate control similar to that what we look for in C&T.
  • Able to throw sequences of blows in succession.
  • Able to defend against multiple blows in succession.
  • Able to control themselves when charged by a non-spear weilding opponent
  • Able to demonstrate control of their weapon during active sparring when their opponent performs a strong beat upon the spear.


  • Painting / Staining OK, Epoxying the tip in place is NOT.
  • Marshal Gauge for spear sizes. Use as a reasonable guide, not a hard-and-fast requirement.

Discussion of techniques

  • Pool cueing, using it one handed (such as overhand with a shield), “pop up and push” are ALLOWED.
  • Do it with sufficent control, just like running, lunging, etc in normal rapier combat.
  • Altering your opponent’s balance is not. (Ask an experienced armored spear fighter to demonstrate Sir Corby’s “Spear grabbing” technique.)