Rapier Marshal Meeting - Unevent 2017

Author: Master Brian de Moray, KRM

Last Modified: 2017-12-04

Revision: 2ab86cf

Latest News

New Marshals

Since last year, we have 8 new marshals. Please join me in welcoming the following new marshals to our roster: Humfrey Lovett, Seamus Maxwell, Klaus Jager, Dyggvi Hrolfsson, Gilbert de Châtillon, Wilhelm der Schwarze Leopard, Marina Wymarc, and Colette Vitalis.

Kingdom Statistics since Unevent 2016

  • Rapier marshals: 97 (increase of 8). 38 MITs, 50 with expired requirements
  • Youth rapier marshals: 3. 0 MITs, 9 with expired/missing requirements
  • Light Rapier auths: 116 (increase of 14)
  • Heavy Rapier auths: 263 (increase of 56)
  • Cut & Thrust auths: 70 (increase of 9)
  • Total authorized fighters: 270 (increase of 57)

Seeking Deputies

Dame Rosalind Delamere stepped own in April, and Master Richard Ffaukes will be stepping down in December.

I am actively seeking candidates to act as Deputy KRMs. See the announcement in the Acorn for details. Decisions will be made and announced by 1/2018.

Youth Rapier

  • The deputy earl marshal for youth rapier is now a deputy to the deputy earl marshal for rapier (KRM).
  • Seaking a DKRM for youth rapier to replace Master Flaithri. See the announcement in the Acorn for details. Decisions will be made and announced by 1/2018.
  • All youth rapier marshals are required to have a background check.
  • A new ruleset is available from Society. Updates to Atlantia’s policies to reflect he changes are in progress.

News from Society


The next SRM will be Mistress Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea (known as Rozi). Intends to come to at least one rapier event in every kingdom in her first two years. I recommended Gem Joust or WOW.

Two candidates from Atlantia made it to the “final four” of selections, Master Giacomo and myself.

Alternate construction Spear Experiment

The Ansteorran KRM submitted an experimental program proposals to test the use of commercially produced rubber-tipped spears on the rapier field, for heavy-rapier melee and C&T. The proposal is still under discussion. If there is sufficent interest, when the experiment opens up to other kingdoms, we may request to join.

C&T Armor requirements

Due to injury reports, SRM will be requiring additional hand protection for C&T. Rule proposal discussions are on-going at the SRM/KRM level. No need to panic or buy new gear.

Policy Reminders

Reporting requirements

If you are the Event-MIC or Disipline-MIC, you must submit an event report. Reports must be submitted within 10 days unless there was an injury, then it must be submitted within 24 hours.

If you assist in marshalling an activity, meet with the Disipline-MIC at the end of the day to discuss any issues.

Marshaling Requirements

  • You may MOL or Marshal an activity, you may not do both.
  • You may fight or Marshal an activity, you may not do both.
  • You must maintain decorum and control at all times. If a fighter can’t do it, nor can you. (Inhebriation, wearing knives, etc)

Clarifications on authorization requirements for marshalling

If you are warranted rapier marshal, you may act as a rapier marshal for any activity that you hold an active authorization. Example, if you have an active rapier marshal warrant and an active C&T auth, you may marshal and/or authorize C&T fighters. This means you must maintain an active authorization if you wish to continue to marshal. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

Atlantia does not allow grappling

Multiple reports of excessive use of “fleeting contact” as justification for hip checking or shoving someone to the ground using equipment. No injuries have been sustained at this point, but this will not continue.

Armor Inspection Requirements

  • Masks & Helms must continue to be inspected on and off heads for fit, wear, and padding.
  • Gender specific armor requirements: Males must wear a cup. Females are not required to wear rigid breast protection or a cup.
  • All fighters must submit to a full inspection every day of fighting.

Potential upcoming ideas

Military Style C&T

Last spring, I started the process to develop an experiment proposal for Military Style C&T, to explore the viablity of lightly armored C&T combat. The process stalled due to the impending SRM change-over, and will be revisited once the new SRM takes over.

Blade Grasping

I am currently investigating restrictions for how we implement blade grasping. Solicited feedback earlier this year identified multiple problems, including injuries and broken equipment. Potential adjustements to include making it non-standard.