Updates from latest Kingdom Policies - April 2022

Author: Master Brian de Moray, KRM

Last Modified: 2024-02-06

Revision: dfa161e


  • Updated to include neutral language and common terms across the board
  • Rules now flow as discipline agnostic rules, then discipline specific rules. At the kingdom level, we no longer have to read and disambiguate from armored rules.
  • Order of priority for understanding rules:
    1. Kingdom-specific rapier policies & interpretations
    2. Kingdom-specific general policies & interpretations
    3. Society rapier rules
    4. Society marshal rules (see: armored combat rules)
    5. Kingdom Seneschal rules
    6. Society Seneschal rules

Obtaining & Keeping Marshal warrants

  • MITs must marshal at 3 different events (reduced from 4)
  • There are 3 classes of marshals:
    1. Kingdom-level (Kingdom Earl Marshal and Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Discipline)
    2. Knight Marshal for a group
    3. Deputy Knight Marshal for a group
  • Continuing education requirements is discipline specific class every 3 years
  • Knight Marshal warrants are valid for 2 years.
  • Marshals must provide name/address/phone number, email address, and membership number.
  • Fighter Practice Waivers (managed by practice MIC) are collected by Knight Marshal on a monthly basis and submitted to the Kingdom Waiver Secretary on a quarterly basis.
  • Marshals who do not submit necessary reports in a timely manner may be placed on suspension for a period of not less than 90 days, during which time they may not perform any of the duties of a warranted marshal.
    • Following a second offense, the marshal’s warrant will be terminated for a minimum of one year or for any other duration deemed appropriate by the KEM.
    • Failure to report may negate any sanctions or authorizations at the event covered by the report at the discretion of the KEM

Marshal specific issues

  • When using projectile weapons, all Marshals must wear protective eyewear that matches ANSI Z87 basic impact standards.
  • Marshals must have Atlantian warrants with the exception of “major inter-kingdom events” such as (such as WoW), but then only under the supervision of an Atlantian marshal
  • A marshal may not be warranted in disciplines in which they are not authorized to participate. This requirement may be waived, at the KEM’s or DEM for the discipline’s discretion.
  • If there is a pattern of violations or safety hazard, in addition to working to address the violation, the Marshal will inform the erring combatant that report of this action will be in the event report.
  • In the case of suspending someone’s authorization, MIC-Event must contact the KEM by email or telephone within 24 hours of the end of the last activity of an event. In the case of a multi-day event the MIC-Event must contact the KEM within 24 hours of incident unless poor cellular service prevents the notification. In that case, the KEM must be contacted within 24 hours of the end of the event.


  • At least one of the marshals shall be authorized in the form being attempted. (Reduced from 2)
  • Rapier fighters who move into Atlantia shall obtain an Atlantian authorization prior to participating in rapier combat at events.
  • Authorization is not required for participation at practices

General Participation

  • All participants must have all equipment that they plan to use that day inspected by a marshal for the activity before participating in that activity.
  • “As with all forms of combat, fighters should act with the interest of the safety of their opponent in mind.”
  • Combatants may reject the use of a particular non-standard weapon or parrying device (such as a drinking tankard) by an opponent. The Rapier MIC shall determine what is considered “non-standard.”
    • As a reminder, spears are considered non-standard for 1v1 combat by Society.
  • Fleeting combat is explicitly discussed, as is parrying/grasping the blade. Previously, the disallowing of brawling could have been interpreted to exclude fleeting contact.
  • Explicitly stating not allowed to strike with any parrying device not legal for thrusting.
  • Projectile weapon requirements (including RGBs) are explicitly defined and role up under the “Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Combat Archery” marshal.

New things

  • First three spear authorizations happened (and halted) at Coronation. KEM and DKEM-Rapier are working through concerns identified during initial authorizations.
  • Dussack experiment submitted to Society Rapier Marshal, talk to Baron Linhart or Lady Talia for more information. Once approved, experiment document will be posted online.
  • Applications are still open for Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Rapier, see announcements to marshals list or recent Acorn.
  • Youth-Rapier deputy position is currently unoccupied, leaving for the next DKEM-Rapier to address.