Notes on the role of Deputy KRM


  • Assist the KRM in overseeing the Atlantian rapier program in general. (Address issues as they come up, train future marshals, ensure we are following the rules)
  • Assist the KRM in interpreting and updating Atlantian rapier rules and policies. (Help define policy interpretations as issues arise).
  • Issue marshal warrants and authorizations. (See below)
  • Oversee authorizations for minors who wish to fight as adults. (Authorizations for youths acting as an adult are required to be over-seen by one of us. Use especially good judgment in selecting assisting marshals and the usher for this. Feel free to defer to KRM as needed.)
  • Support the rapier Marshal In Training program (See below)
  • Represent rapier interests at a Kingdom level (Help make rapier safe and rules enforcement consistent across the kingdom)

My requests

  • Please enforce rules and shut down instances of “well, it used to be” or “I’m pretty sure this ". I keep a copy of the kingdom policy, society rules, and the policy addendum that I and past KRMs have issued on my phone. Rather than having to remember when someone asks, I look it up and show them the specific wording.

  • If you are marshaling, marshal. If you are fighting, fight. Unless its an “big deal”, don’t step in to address problems directly. of which I will trust your judgment and back your discretion to what makes “big deal”. That said, I welcome you to quietly pass advice to marshals overseeing the activity and let them handle it.

  • Support our marshals, as they are what makes the machine go. I am asking that marshals follow the chain of command, and not involve us unless it is an appeal. As a reminder, the chain of command is: Marshal => RMIC => KRM/Deputy KRM (Special Senior Deputy if we’re not available) => KEM.

  • If you see issues, write it down. Please use the event log part of warrant system. If we all put our investigative notes, our future replacements will not have to guess as to what happened in the past.


Congrats! You now have the ability to approve warrant requests. A demo system is coming soon so you can play without impacting real warrants. Once the next warrant update request happens, I’ll include a walk through the online process for this.

Do the following items:

  1. Request feedback for the candidate’s fitness as a potential marshal from their sponsor, and all overseeing marshals indicated in their paperwork.
  2. Verify they took the appropriate classes.
  3. Verify we have not had reports of misconduct in recent years.

If all of the above looks good, approve their request and announce their warrant approval to the marshals mailing list, atlantianrapiernet mailing list, and the academie de epsee facebook group.

Reviewing reports

When people submit event reports tagged with Rapier, you will receive a copy of the report via email. Review & respond as you see fit, though I will also review all submitted reports. More detail in reports is better, so feel free to ask the submitter for more detail. Do so by adding a comment.

If you’ve reviewed a report and satisfied with it, click the link “Mark reviewed”. You can undo this by clicking “Mark unreviewed”.

When you login to the system, you’ll see a list of reports that have not yet been marked as “reviewed”, with a link to view the report. This should allow us to reduce duplicate work. I will review every report that comes in regardless of the status to look for trends, but you’re welcome to handle interacting with the submitter to get more information as you see fit,

Right now, reports have multiple tags such as “broken equipment”, “experiments”, and “injury”. Each of these are required callouts in the quarterly reports to the society rapier marshal. As such, every report should be tagged with the relevant tags to support writing the quarterly report. Other tags can be added. Bring up those you think might be useful!

You can search past reports by event name, submitter, date ranges, the hosting branch, comments in the report text, and the for-mentioned tag. Feel free to use this to research whatever you think might be beneficial to the office. You now have access to all of the event reports for rapier going back to 2008.

Teaching Classes

You now have the approval to teach the rapier marshal 101 class and the field marshal 201 class. I’ve worked with the DEM-Training in the most recent rewrite. Please pull the latest outline from the website for each class. This will ensure we all teach to the same standards.

The process is simple. Iterate over the outline. Answer questions as they arise. For the rapier marshal 101 class, also iterate over the “Policy interpretations and addendums” on the kingdom rapier marshal website.

If you feel we need to adjust the class, lets talk.