Guidance regarding Blatantly Modern Items on the List Field

The following is guidance regarding enforcement of the Kingdom policy law prohibiting blatantly modern items on the list field in the Kingdom of Atlantia.


  1. The fighter should appear as a reasonable example of a warrior from the SCA’s period of study (Pre-17th Century focusing on Renaissance and Middle Ages, per Corpora) to the casual observer.
  2. All armor, shields, and equipment on the field are subject to the acceptance of the Crown or Their chosen representatives.
  3. These rules are to be enforced for all participants on the field (except as indicated in the following). This includes marshals, fighters (both armored and rapier), combat archers, scouts and siege crews. Water bearers are specifically exempt from these rules.


  1. Participants will be inspected at the same time as safety inspections and will be asked to sit out if their equipment is deemed unacceptably modern.
  2. Damaged covering materials which expose a modern component will be judged unacceptable during the inspections held prior to any tournament or battle. Damage that occurs after the inspections will not result in ejection from participation in the combat the inspection covered. Combatants should, however, make a good faith effort to repair such damage as soon as possible.

Unacceptable Items

  1. Undisguised plastic may not be used as a component of any armor, clothing, decorative accessories, weapons, footwear or other item worn or used by a participant in combat in the kingdom of Atlantia if that component is completely or partially visible to other combat participants or spectators, unless it is effectively indistinguishable from a period counterpart per the exception below.

  2. Uncovered carpet armor, undisguised sports gear, “blue jeans”, military type fatigues, obviously-modern footwear, uncovered hockey gloves and all other undisguised equipment clearly “modern” in nature from 10 feet distant are explicitly banned from the field. This also includes items displaying visible commercial logos and bumper stickers.
    • The following guidance is provided for determining acceptable forms of footgear:
      1. Leather or leather-look boots, in a color consistent with period practice are acceptable. This includes standard leather combat boots, but would exclude leather/nylon boots.
      2. Use of borderline acceptable footgear that is of a color that causes it to stand out (from at least 10 feet) from the rest of the armor is not acceptable.
  3. Plastic armor or modern sports equipment, whether kydex, ABS, HDDP or other, foam, pads, footwear, etc. should at all times be covered, unless it can positively contribute to the appearance of a fighter.
    1. If the item in question becomes viewable only in certain body positions (such as the sole of modern shoes while kneeling), that is considered acceptable.
  4. All plastic or modern sports equipment must be covered in a manner to disguise the material in an attempt to display historical pre-17th century armor to the average passerby.


  1. A modern (e.g. plastic materials, modern sports equipment) component may be used if it is hidden from view, by covering it with opaque covering materials not made of plastic, including but not strictly limited to; leather, metal, textiles with a period appearance and, where appropriate, stone or wood. Tapes, foils, films, transparent or translucent materials and any other inadequate or insubstantial coverings shall not be deemed an acceptable covering material. Paints, stains, and dyes are limited to period-looking usage as a covering material.
  2. Covering materials which meet the letter of the law, but violate its spirit, will be banned at the discretion of the Sovereign or Their designated representatives. The spirit of the law includes making a reasonable attempt to recreate the appearance of items that would be used or worn in a melee or tournament in Europe prior to the 17th century in the periods commonly referred to as the Medieval or Renaissance.


  1. Plastic and other modern materials specifically required to promote safety or those that are medically required are exempt from this ruling. However, every attempt must be made, in good faith, to disguise those items. These items include, but are not limited to: eyeglasses or sports glasses when needed to correct a deficiency of vision, safety glasses, orthopedic footwear, required joint braces, etc.
  2. Items of common question (lamellar, lacquered pieces or other unusual, but documented period designs) may be permitted at the discretion of the Crown or Their representative only if the appearance of that item can not be distinguished from its period counterpart and its display embraces the idea of historical pre-17th century armor.
  3. Hand protection and shield edges may be made of plastic materials. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to attempt to disguise the appearance of those items to bring them in compliance with the spirit of this law. Uncovered hockey gloves are forbidden.
  4. Duct tape and edge marking tape covering of weapons is explicitly excepted from the ban on the use of tape. Also use of tape for marking of sides in melees is acceptable. The use of duct tape for a field repair of armor will be allowed so long as the failure did not exist at the beginning of the day.
  5. Fencing masks, blade tips/blunts and tip tape are acceptable for use on the field for rapier combat.
  6. APDs and blunts based on plastic and modern materials are explicitly acceptable for combat arrows and quarrels, per Society and Kingdom standards for these items. Visible straping tape is allowed on combat arrows/quarrels to enable proper inspection of the items.
  7. If there are site restrictions regarding use of non-marking soles, waivers for modern footgear may be obtained from the Earl Marshal, relevant deputies or the Crown.
  8. Participants that are residents of another kingdom are to be considered our guests and are exempt from this ruling provided they meet SCA minimum standards. Newly transplanted citizens of Atlantia are to be granted a reasonable period of time (4 months per policy) to come into compliance with this rule.

Marshals are reminded that the intention of the rule to to attempt to improve the field appearance while still allowing folks on the field. If someone is borderline in compliance, allow them to participate, but notify them of the issue and request they rectify it.