Equestrian Safety Class

  1. Overview of equestrian activities.
    1. approved SCA activities
    2. unapproved SCA activities
    3. SCA skill level classifications
    4. the authorization process - safety seminar and mounted evaluation
  2. Recommended clothing
    1. helmet
    2. boots with heels
    3. pants suitable for riding
    4. SCA garb suitable for riding
    5. spurs and whips
  3. Tack
    1. suitable saddles
    2. checking girths and cinches for tightness
    3. recommended bits
    4. trappers and decorations
  4. Safety around horses
    1. leading horses with a halter and lead rope
    2. tying horses safely
    3. leaving horses attended
    4. spaces between horses while tied, leading and riding
    5. horse body language
  5. Ring Etiquette
    1. no verbal cues or loud noises that other horses may react to
    2. no practicing unless time and space are designated for practice
    3. be ready for your turn
    4. staying out of the path of rider taking their turn
    5. no obvious, loud discipline of horses
    6. no discipline of rental horses at all (refer to marshal or wrangler)
  6. Riding technique
    1. mounting and dismounting
    2. emergency stop technique
    3. meaning of marshal’s command hold!